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The WS700 Wastewater or Composite sampler is used in many applications where a composite or average sample is required. It has one sample bottle of 20 liters. Sampling is via a peristaltic pump. Low cost and simple to operate.

Composite automatic water sampler WS 700

The WQ301 conductivity transducer from Global Water offers: Temperature compensated, multiple ranges available, accuracy 1% FS, maximum depth 50m, 4-20mA output, 12v dc power. It is ideal for use in SCADA and logging systems

Conductivity transducer WQ301

A range of continuous monitors with data logging (optional communications) for measuring parameters including level, flow, conductivity, pH, ORP/Redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrates, chlorophyll and many more.

Continuous Monitoring Systems

A number of different types of systems to monitor flow in streams & rivers. Various functions like totalisation, communications, etc are available. Call Geowater for application assistance.

Continuous water monitors - flow

Electromagnetic portable flowmeters (velocity meter) from Marsh McBirney, accurate, rugged, never needs calibration, no maintenance (just cleaning)

Flo-Mate electromagnetic flow meter

Flo-Probe velocity flow meter from Global Water Inc, simple, low cost, accurate (+/-0.03 m/s) with telescopic handle extendible 1.0-2.0m (model FP111) or 1.5-5.0m (model FP211)

Flo-Probe velocity flow meter

The Manta multiprobe from Eureka Environmental can have a choice of conductivity/TDS/Salinity, pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, ammonia, Turbidity and chlorophyll sensors. Data display/collection can be via the Amphibian (PDA based) hand held display unit.

Manta multiprobe

Open Channel Flowmeter by Global Water - Based on an accurate and stable pressure transducer, this unit displays instantaneous volumetric flow in engineering units and totalized flow. Alarm/control outputs and simple data logging is also available

Open Channel Flowmeter

The WQ600 ORP/Redox transducer from Global Water has a range of -500 to +500 mv, accuracy 2% FS , temperature compensated, maximum depth 50m, 4-20mA output, 10-36v dc power. Ideal for SCADA/logger applications.

ORP or Redox transducer WQ600

Other models with various facilities are also available

Other Automatic Samplers

The WQ201 pH transducer from Global water has: range 0-14 pH units, temperature compensated, accuracy 2% FS, maximum depth 50m, 4-20mA output, 10-36v dc power. It is ideal for use in SCADA and logging systems.

pH transducer WQ201

Stainless steel propeller type flow meters (4 different types with both horizontal and vertical shafts) with hand held pulse counters, flow calculators, wading rod sets, etc

Propeller type current meters (Rickly)

This pump is a good quality, simple peristaltic pump with variable speed drive, forward/reverse function. Reasonably priced

Variable Speed peristaltic pump (Solinst 410)

The SP250 is a 3-roller 12v dc peristaltic pump with variable speed drive for purging and sampling work with backflush. Maximum head of 7m. Easy to maintain and clean. Features: backflush, waterproof casing, accurate dialable sample volumes.

Variable speed peristaltic pump SP250

The WS750 is a stormwater sampler with 2 peristaltic pumps & 2 x 7 litre sample bottles (one for discrete sampling and a second to hold a composite or average sample). Includes delayed start-up and triggered start-up. Very easy to set up & use.

Wastewater & Stormwater automatic sampler WS750

Water Flow Logger FL16 from Global Water is mounted at V-notches, pipes, flumes and weirs to measure volumetric flow. It is based on a depth sensor, from which the water level is used to calculate flow. Simple, rugged, easy to use, accurate and reliable.

Water Flow Logger FL16

The WL400 from Global water is a pressure transducer with nominal ranges 0-1m, 0-5m, 0-10m, 0-20m, 0-40m, 0-60m or 0-150m sensor ranges, accuracy 0.2% FS, 4-20mA output, 10-36v dc power, barometric pressure and temperature compensated

Water Level transducer WL400

The flexible WS750 sampler is used for monitoring storm water drains as well as many other applications. It can be used for composite (average) or discrete sampling or both. It has two 3.8 litre sample bottles. Sampling is via two peristaltic pumps.
In storm water sampling, it takes a sample of the first flush of water into one sample bottle. Then, using a second pump, it takes a composite or average sample into a second sample bottle. Low cost and simple to operate.
WS750 Stormwater/Wastewater sampler