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The Solinst 407 bladder pump is used for sampling inorganics/hydrocarbons. Operates to a maximum depth of 80m. Compressed air powered. Maximum flow rate of about 1 l/min. Skid mounted. Highest quality - 3 year limited warrantee

Bladder pump 407

This two-in-one pump from Solinst Canada is for purging (double valve configuration) and sampling of inorganics (double valve) and organics (bladder). This is the most versatile purging and sampling pump available. High quality - 3 year warrantee

Combined double valve and bladder pump

This basic system from Solinst Canada monitor water level & conductivity in boreholes (as well as in streams and rivers). Communications are available as an option.

Continuous Monitoring Systems - basic systems

These continuous water monitors with logging monitor multiple parameters including temperature, depth, flow, pH, conductivity/TDS, DO, turbidity, ammonia, chlorophyll, etc. Only some can have communications. Call Geowater for more information.

Continuous Monitoring Systems - full function

The Discrete Interval Sampler from Solinst Canada is supplied with a hand air pump with tubing reel and tube to 150m. Used to take samples from a defined depth without risk of cross contamination. Sampler capacity 950 ml. 3year warranty

Discrete interval sampler 425

The Solinst 408 double valve pump is used for sampling for inorganics only. Nitrogen gas powered. Used for depths up to 160m. Purging rate is 3.8l/min irrespective of depth. High quality - 3 year limited warrantee

Double valve pump 408

The WSP series of plastic and stainless steel pumps from Waterra Pumps operate off of 12v dc (battery) and are inexpensive purging/sampling pumps for wells with maximum static water levels of about 42m.

Electric groundwater pumps

The Hydrasleeve is a sampler like a soft wall bailer. It is lowered flat down the well and water does not enter the sampler.
Then the top of the sampler is in position at aquifer depth, it is pulled up sharply, the top opens and the sampler fills with water and it then seals itself. Thus, as the sampler is lifted to the surface
Hydrasleeve groundwater sampler

The Passive Diffusion Bag sampler is a real no-purge sampler that allows reliable samples to be taken at low cost. The sampler is filled with distilled water, placed in the well and left for at least 14 days before removal.
The sampler has hydrophobic walls which allow hydrocarbons to pass through until equilibrium is reached. When removed, the sampler contents equate to the average hydrocarbons concentrations over the last 7 days
Hydrocarbons Sampler - Diffusion Bag Sampler

The 122 Interface meter from Solinst Canada is used to detect and measure the thickness of hydrocarbons/organics floating on top of the water or for heavy product the bottom of the well. Accuracies to 1mm. Tape lengths from 10m to 300m. 3 year warantee

Interface meter 122

The WL16 Level Logger from Global Water is used for well or surface water level monitoring. Sensor ranges include 0-1m, 3m, 15m, 30m, 60m 120m and 150m. Includes barometric pressure and temperature compensation. Optional PDA for data display/downloading.

Level logger WL16

The Edge LT from Solinst Canada is the upgrade of the very succesful Levelogger Gold. It is an accurate & stable down the well level & temp logger. Sensor ranges: 0-5m, 0-10m, 0-20m, 0-30m 0-100m. Features: Temperature compensation & 3 year warranty.

Levelogger Edge LT

The Levelogger Junior from Solinst is the lower priced, lower specification (less accurate, less memory and a few other minor down grades) version of the Levelogger Edge. It is available in a 0-5m and 0-10m depth sensor option. One (1) year warrentee.

Levelogger Junior LT

The Manta from Eureka Environmental can have multiple probes including temperature and with a choice of conductivity/TDS/Salinity, pH, ORP (Redox), Dissolved Oxygen, ammonia, Turbidity and chlorophyll sensors. With hand held data display/collector unit.

Manta multiprobe

Polyethylene bailers (supplied on boxes of 24) for inorganics sampling are available in single valve and double valve versions with capacity 1 liter (37mm diameter model) or 175 ml (12mm diameter bailer)

Polyethylene disposable bailers

A range of small portable pocket type water quality meters (for pH, conductivity, ORP (Redox) and Dissolved Oxygen) from Extech Instruments

Portable water quality meters

The 107 TLC from Solinst Canada is a combination water level meter (dipmeter) & well profiler (profiling conductivity and temperature) with tape lengths from 30m to 300m. High quality - 3 year warrantee

Profiling water level meter 107

Stainless steel point source bailers from Solinst Canada, double valve with various lengths (300/600/1200mm) and diameters (12.5/25/37/50mm). Long life. Cost effective. Easy to decontaminate. 3 Year warranty.

Stainless steel bailers

These Teflon bailers are used for organics/hydrocarbons or biological sampling. They are available in single valve and double valve versions. Supplied in boxes of 12 bailers.

Teflon disposable bailers

The SP250 is a 3-roller 12v dc peristaltic pump with variable speed drive used for purging/sampling from shallow wells. Maximum lift 7m. Pump head very easy to maintain and clean. Features: backflush, waterproof casing, accurate dialable sample volumes.

Variable speed peristaltic pump SP250

The 101 water level meter from Solinst Canada is a high accuracy, flat tape dipmeter marked in millimeters for depths from 15m to 900m, with a range of probes & various protection devices. Highest quality, extra strong tape, 3 year limited warrantee

Water level meter 101

The 102 water level meter from Solinst Canada is a lower cost, lower accuracy dipmeter with round cable marked in meters, for depths from 15m to 300m. High quality, 3 year limited warrantee

Water level meter 102

Inertial (hand drive) purging and sampling pumps from Waterra Pumps, for purging and sampling shallow wells to 25m. Simple and inexpensive system. Can be used for sampling organics.

Waterra pumps