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Alconox (more economical solid form) and Liquinox (Easy to use liquid concentrate) for decontaminating site instruments, samplers, bailers, etc....

Decontamination Detergents

Conductivity calibration standards include 500, 1412 and 12,800 uS/cm

EC calibration standards

Low back-pressure 0.45 micron in-line filters from Waterra Pumps for both standard turbidity (FMT-45) and high turbidity (FHT-45) water. Easy to use on site - time saver.

In-line water filters

ORP calibration solutions include -220, +220mv and 475 mv

ORP calibration standards

Other calibration solutions available include turbidity, chlorine, ammonia, nitrates and others

Other calibration standards

pH calibration solutions available include pH 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0 (Both imported standards -

pH calibration standards