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Improved Technology pH Meters

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The IQ170 portable pH and conductivity meter with sensors on 1m of cable from IQ Scientific with semiconductor pH sensor- robust sensor, can be stored dry, stable readings, about 18m pH sensor life & warranty (display 3 years and pH sensor 6 months)

pH & EC portable meter - improved technology

The IQ240 lab benchtop pH meter from IQ Scientific (sensor on end of 1m cable) uses improved semi-conductor sensor technology. The sensor is difficult to damage, can be stored dry, gives stable readings & warranty (display 3 years and sensor 6 months)

pH benchtop meter - improved technology

IQ150 portable pH meter with sensor on 1m of cable from IQ Scientific use a improved technology semiconductor sensor- sensor difficult to damage, dry sensor storage, stable readings, long sensor life 15-18 months & warranty (display 3 yrs & sensor 6 mon)

pH portable meter - improved technology