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Flow – portable instruments

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Electromagnetic portable flowmeters (velocity meter) from Marsh McBirney, accurate, rugged, never needs calibration, no maintenance (just cleaning)

Flo-Mate electromagnetic flow meter

Flo-Probe velocity flow meter from Global Water Inc, simple, low cost, accurate (+/-0.03 m/s) with telescopic handle extendible 1.0-2.0m (model FP111) or 1.5-5.0m (model FP211)

Flo-Probe velocity flow meter

Stainless steel propeller type flow meters (4 different types with both horizontal and vertical shafts) with hand held pulse counters, flow calculators, wading rod sets, etc

Propeller type current meters (Rickly)

The RF20 salinity refractomet from Extech Instruments measures the salinity of water to high accuacy. It is: easy to use, rugged, cost effective

Salinity refractometer RF20