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Flow – fixed position instruments

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A range of continuous monitors with data logging (optional communications) for measuring parameters including level, flow, conductivity, pH, ORP/Redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrates, chlorophyll and many more.

Continuous Monitoring Systems

A number of different types of systems to monitor flow in streams & rivers. Various functions like totalisation, communications, etc are available. Call Geowater for application assistance.

Continuous water monitors - flow

Open Channel Flowmeter by Global Water - Based on an accurate and stable pressure transducer, this unit displays instantaneous volumetric flow in engineering units and totalized flow. Alarm/control outputs and simple data logging is also available

Open Channel Flowmeter

Water Flow Logger FL16 from Global Water is mounted at V-notches, pipes, flumes and weirs to measure volumetric flow. It is based on a depth sensor, from which the water level is used to calculate flow. Simple, rugged, easy to use, accurate and reliable.

Water Flow Logger FL16